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Brake Safety Week Scheduled for September 15 – 22

Brake Safety Week Scheduled for September 2019

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has declared this upcoming week from September 15 to the 22 as Brake Safety Week. After the International Roadcheck in 2019, the CVSA put about 12,000 trucks out of service due to violations of safety compliances 45% of which were due to brake system violations. So don’t let this week put you out of service! We have listed some tips below to help you stay compliant.

What will this inspection focus on?

This week’s brake inspection will focus on the proper operation of the baking system which includes brake hoses and tubing. Enforcement officials will be making sure the hoses and tubing are “properly attached, undamaged, without leaks and appropriately flexible.” Any vehicle with serious brake issues will be deemed ‘out of service.’

Inspectors at brake safety week will be following a seven-point plan during the inspections looking for the following: driver’s license, registration, low air warning device, pushrod travel, brake linings/drums, leaks and air loss rate and tractor protection system.

As for the brake system, they will be checking the following:

  • The air brake mechanical components
  • The steering axle air brake mechanical components
  • The brake adjustment
  • The air system’s pressure (90-100 psi)
  • The antilock braking system (ABS)
  • The air loss rate
  • The low air pressure warning device
  • The tractor protection system
  • For any leaks or cracks in the drum brakes and linings

What are some tips to protect your truck from going out of service? 

The primary goal of this inspection is to keep the roads safe and decrease the number of accidents related to malfunctioning brake systems on commercial motor vehicles. So we want to give you some tips straight from the expert, Brian Screeton, the supervisor of technical service training for Bendix.

Regular truck inspection should be a daily routine. It can be as simple as walking around the truck before a trip looking for any clear evidence of brake damages, performing regular 90- to 100-psi brake applications, and listening for any leaks. Bendix advises weekly checks on-air disc brake rotators to ensure there are no crakes or lining wear on the drum brakes, monthly checks for moisture in the air system, and regular greasing of the S-cam brake tubes and slack adjusters.


Claim a free mid-trip inspection at TA Truck Service Centers from September 1 – 22, 2019.


For more tips and tests, be sure to visit your local mechanic and make sure your truck stays in brake compliance. We want to continue seeing your truck on the road! You may also enjoy our article on the Accelerate Conference for Women in Trucking.

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