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Gone are the days of overnight ACH transfers and Wire deposits that can take up to an hour. OTR Solutions brings instant transfers to its clients with BOLT direct to debit transactions. You will never wait for your money again!

BOLT Funding

Funding On Your Terms

BOLT Instant Funding provides carriers with the freedom to access their cashflow when they need it, and not only when their bank is open. OTR Solutions is dedicated to servicing its clients in all parts of the country, at all times of day. By taking advantage of OTR Solutions leading factoring program and BOLT Instant Funding option, carriers can truly operate on their terms. Get started with OTR Solutions today.

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Non-Recourse Factoring

When you sign up for OTR Solutions’ unique True Non-Recourse program, you find that running your business is easier than ever, and opportunities for growth seem to come often. Discover the difference thousands of other carriers already have.

Non-Recourse Factoring


Ever had trouble getting the amount you wanted for a load? Well, carriers without a branded email domain book 25% less freight on average than those who don’t. Why wait? It’s simple with ELEVATE.