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Alvys TMS

Alvys provides a unique API-driven integration with OTR factoring, enabling real-time payment status updates directly within the load and accounting modules. Plus, conduct broker credit checks with just a click, all within Alvys. Major time-saver!

DAT Freight & Analytics

DAT takes the uncertainty out of freight. They show the most relevant matches for your business – the right load for the right truck, at the right price, no matter where you are. Get access to more than 249 million loads posted annually today when you subscribe to DAT.

Foley Services

Foley Services What does the partnership offer? For over two decades, Foley has been a trusted partner to motor carriers of all sizes. Our technologically-advanced approach to DOT compliance automates many of the background screening and compliance requirements motor carriers must comply with – making…

Freedom Leasing

Bypass the bank—go to Freedom Leasing when you need equipment.What does the partnership offer? OTR Solutions chose Freedom Leasing as its partner to help carriers solve their equipment financing challenges. Freedom Leasing provides trailer rental and leasing services that give you the freedom to grow…


Secure Payment Processing Solutions, Accepting Credit Cards Made Easy With GoPayhawk.What does the partnership offer? OTR Solutions ideal partner for payment solutions in the transportation industry. GoPayhawk helps companies improve cash flow through efficient payment processing at point of purchase and become more efficient with…


Factor with ease with LoadOps TMS Integration.What does the partnership offer? LoadOps integration with OTR Solutions allows invoice details and factoring documents to be sent directly to OTR without leaving LoadOps, saving you time and cash flow. The partnership gives truckers extraordinary planning flexibility for…

Marquee Insurance Group

Marquee Insurance Group Helps Find The Best Quote for All CarriersWhat does the partnership offer? Marquee Insurance Group (MIG) specializes in commercial insurance for the transportation industry. The MIG team will shop rates across several markets and providers to find the lowest possible quote. MIG…

Simplex Group

Simplex gives you a smooth road to safety compliance.What does the partnership offer? OTR Solutions and Simplex are partners because we are driven by similar missions. Both companies strive to help new trucking companies focus on successful growth, avoiding pitfalls that trouble many start-up carriers. …


Box trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, straight trucks – no matter your vehicle, Sylectus Load Board has the expedited freight to keep you on the road. Find freight, post loads, look for available trucks and post your trucks for others to find. Our fully-vetted carrier-to-carrier network of haulers has been helping truckers build relationships and grow their business for over 20 years.


TruckerFi and OTR Solutions partnership helps truckers secure the financing they need for sustainable growth.What does the partnership offer? TruckerFi works exclusively for independent owner-operators and small fleet operators. TruckerFi’s financial support and advisory services are an excellent complement to the services and guidance OTR…

How OTR Solutions Partners Benefit You

When you’re looking for a factoring company you need the best. In order to get the best factoring company you also need the best tools, resources and partnerships at your fingertips. OTR Solutions partnerships are not quickdraws, they’re long commitments to ensure we’re bringing our clients the best experience possible with many benefits.


Expanded Tools & Services

Through each partnership brings a wonderful array of tools and services. Whether you’re needing additional help finding loads or you need insurance for your entire fleet – we’ve got benefits to boast about. 

Here’s just a few partnership perks you can enjoy as an OTR Solutions member.


DAT Freight & Analytics Partnership

Through our partnership with DAT you instantly get access to our monthly “no minimum” factoring option – it’s something you just can’t find anywhere else.

Freedom Leasing

Freedom leasing’s partnership with OTR Solutions allows you to rent trailers and other equipment you need to grow your business without breaking the bank.

Marquee Insurance Group

Marquee Insurance Group is a powerhouse of a partnership. Marquee Insurance Group provides industry-leading insurance solutions for truckers around the world.


PayHawk is an integrated payment processing platform and merchant services provider with experience in the realm of freight. PayHawk’s partnership will give you access to a 24/7 account team dedicated to helping you process all of your payments – whether it’s freight or not. 


TruckerFi is one of the best partnerships any factoring company could have and it’s one we’re glad to pass to our clients. With TruckerFi you gain the tools you need to expand your growth through capital funding with long term finance support or short term. TruckerFi has your back no matter the situation.

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