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Lumper Fee Advances

Our Innovative Advance Solution for Paying Lumper Fees

Paying Lumpers Just Got Easier

Lumper Advances bring the same usefulness and value as a fuel advance but designed specifically for requests under $250. Request advances in the Mobile App and pay with the express code.

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Why Lumpers?

OTR Solutions has offered clients fuel advance services for years. When we asked our clients for feedback, they unanimously said they needed a solution for paying lumpers. OTR Solutions is excited to deliver an easy and cost-effective solution for this common need. Now, clients can quickly and easily request up to $250 in our mobile app to pay lumpers with comcheks. Factor with OTR Solutions and experience the power of the $9 lumper.

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Request Up To $250 For Lumper Payments


Easy Payment with Comchek or Express Code

Fast Invoicing

Receive Payment Code in Minutes

OTR Fuel Card

With the OTR Fuel Card, you gain access to valuable benefits and features with OTR Solutions that other cards don’t provide. See how the Capital Fuel Card can do much more than just save you money at the pump.

Fuel Card

True Non-Recourse Factoring

This factoring program has let the industry for over a decade and continues to be the most preffered factoring option on the market. Carriers agree that Non-Recourse with OTR Solutions is unlike anything else.

Non-Recourse Factoring