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CSA Safety Score Monitoring System

CSA Safety Score Monitoring

View Your CSA BASIC Scores Anytime in the OTR Solutions Client Portal

Safety Score

Monitor Your CSA BASIC Scores Anytime

OTR Solutions provides clients with 24/7 access to their CSA BASIC scores inside the Client Portal. Using their Motor Carrier and DOT Number, we can pull and display client safety scores in real time and provide alerts when certain BASICs categories are at risk of going out of compliance or are above the suggested benchmark.

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Keeping an eye on your CSA Report Card is vital to avoiding an out of service order with the FMCSA.

CSA Report Card: What Are the Basics

The Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICS) organize data from roadside inspections.

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Hazardous Material Compliance Basic

As a carrier that transports hazardous materials, you must take steps to make sure that you have a successful roadside inspection.

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Unsafe Driving Basic

Having a nationwide ticket solution for drivers can reduce your Unsafe Driving BASIC by up to 58%. Ensure your drivers are reporting ALL tickets to your company to improve the effectiveness of fighting them.

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Hours of Service Basic

Of the top 20 driver violation that are received during roadside inspections, 10 of them are for hours of service.

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Driver Fitness Basic

The main reason these violations occur during roadside inspections is that the CDL holder’s license is suspended. These can be traced back to several things like not paying a fine on a citation, not turning in a medical card, and even not paying child support.

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Vehicle Maintenance Basic

Lessen the impact of CSA points being added to your vehicle maintenance BASIC by keeping your CMV clean, making sure your drivers are filling out their DVIRs, see your fleets’ struggles from past CSA scores, and put into place a Preventative Maintenance Program.

Quick Pay

Cash Rate Basic

Operating a CMV is a huge responsibility and the FMCSA’s main responsibility is to keep the general motoring public safe and on the road. The best thing you can do to provide a proactive stance regarding accidents is to place your drivers through periodic defense driving courses.

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Controlled Substance & Alcohol Basic

One of the first things you must do is to determine what kind of controlled substances and alcohol policy you will implement. You can put a zero tolerance policy in place or allow the driver to come back to work after they complete a SAP program, a return to duty process, and go through the FMCSA’s Clearinghouse.

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