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At OTR Solutions, we believe submitting invoices and getting paid should be the easiest thing you do all day. The OTR Solutions Mobile App makes running your business from the road simple and easy by using your phone camera to capture, crop, and upload invoice documents in seconds. Loading funds to your fuel card or requesting a lumper advance is just as easy. Factoring with OTR Solutions today and take advantage of our advanced technology.

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Submit invoices for payment in seconds with easy image capture, cropping, and filtering with the Mobile App. Easily update already submitted invoices with additional information, missing paperwork, or updated rate confirmations. With a live view of your invoice board communicating with your dedicated operations team has never been easier.

Fuel HQ

Request Fuel Advances, direct funding on factored invoices to your pre-paid Capital Fuel Card account, and easily find the highest discounts with our Fuel Finder. For carrier’s taking advantage of the Capital Fuel Card, empowering fuel card users with these powerful tools in our mobile app delivers unrivaled value.

Instant Broker Checks

When you find a load, there should be nothing delaying your ability to book it on the spot. With the OTR Solutions Mobile App, clients can instantly search over 90,000 brokers and customers for an immediate approval status. No A, B, C ratings, simply approved or not approved.

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