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At OTR, culture is the heart of who we are. We have several internal initiatives supporting our employees, clients, industry partners, and community.

Below are the OTR Impact Groups that empower us to drive positive change.

OTR Women
Women in Logistics

The mission of Women in Logistics is to support, educate, and empower women in the workplace. We aim to inspire and encourage the development of female leaders within the company by creating a strong community, developing as professionals, and fostering individual growth and success. We also extend our impact beyond the company by supporting women in the community and logistics industry.

OTR Diversity
Diversity in Logistics

The mission of Diversity in Logistics is to advance diversity and inclusion within our company, community, and industry. DIL aims to create initiatives and strategies that support our diverse employee population. DIL strives to ensure opportunities are created for underrepresented employees to contribute, grow, and achieve success for themselves and the company. We empower our employees through celebration, education, awareness, and advocacy of our differences. To extend our impact beyond the company, we also engage in community and industry service activities.

OTR Cares Resize
OTR Cares

OTR Cares aims to provide ample opportunities for employees to volunteer and give back to the community. We look to serve our community, our industry, and our employees. We want to empower employees from all levels of the organization to contribute to the positive impact OTR can make.