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OTR Fuel Card
for Truckers

The OTR Fuel Card

Get the card that delivers industry leading savings and advanced tools to every operation. With customizable programs to fit your needs, average savings of $0.51/gallon, and Fuel Finder that helps you and your drivers find the best discounts along any route, the OTR Fuel Card packs a serious punch to your bottom line. Get yours today and start saving.

The OTR Fuel Card

Benefits of the OTR Fuel Card

Don’t let fuel costs eat away at your pocket. Keep your trucks fueled and on the road for a fraction of the price with the OTR Fuel Card. Click the dropdowns to learn more about how the OTR Fuel Card can help you take control of your business.

Save $0.51 Per Gallon
  • Discounts averaging $0.51 per gallon at all in-network locations
  • Savings as high as $1.75 per gallon
  • On average, OTR Fuel Card holders save $600 per truck per month
$0 Transaction Fees at 1,500+ In-Network Locations
  • TA Petro, Speedway, AMBEST, and many more locations that you know and trust!
Multiple Program Options to Fit Your Business' Needs
  • Prepaid & Credit options available
  • Advances available on all factored invoices
Dedicated Support Team
  • “No Voicemail” policy. When you call, we pick up. It’s that easy.
  • Extended hours for support when you need it most, even outside of normal business hours. Support available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm EST.
Free OTR Mobile App, Web Portal, & Fuel Finder
  • Fuel Finder allows you and your drivers to find fuel stations and current prices along every route.
  • Load funds to your card with Zelle, fuel advances, factored invoices, or your debit/credit card right from your phone in the OTR Mobile App.
  • Security and fraud protection
  • Personalized dashboards and reports – IFTA, payment history, driver settlements
Extra Savings on Preventative Maintenance & Tires
  • Our partnership with TA Petro gives OTR clients access to preventative maintenance and tire discounts.

Save Thousands More Every Year

$0 In-Network Transaction Fees*

Get more back in your pocket and protect your cash flow with zero in-network transaction fees.

Get fuel when you need it the most without added costs.

*Participating in-network locations may vary. Please check Fuel Finder in the OTR Mobile App for the most up to date list of participating locations.

Take A Drive Today with Your New Trucking Fuel Card

Dedicated to Our Customers for the Long Haul

5 gold stars
“The OTR Team is on point. I got the fuel card, asked to get it loaded as soon as possible to get rolling, and before you know it, I was funded and ready to save.”

-OTR Fuel Card Holder

5 gold stars
“Their fuel card is awesome – it gives great discounts at Petro and TA. Last week alone I saved $877 just by using the OTR Fuel Card instead of my debit card to buy fuel. I am so grateful for OTR, they are a partner for my business. “

-OTR Fuel Card Holder

The Benefits Don't Stop at Our Fuel Card

Fuel expenses make up approximately 40% of the average truck driver’s operating costs. The OTR Fuel Card was designed to cut those costs – keeping your trucks full and your pockets fuller.

Sign up today and stop wasting your hard-earned cash on fuel!

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