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The OTR Fuel Card for Truckers. Save More.

Average Savings of $0.51 Per Gallon


Transaction Fees

$0 Transaction Fees at In-Network Locations & No Monthly or Annual Fees


Average Savings/Gallon

Industry leading savings of $600+ per month per card. Savings as high as $1.88 per gallon.


In-Network Locations

Enjoy nationwide in-network access and acceptance at 8,000 total locations.

$0 In-Network Transaction Fees

Enjoy $0 Transaction Fees at over 2,000 in-network locations nationwide and exclusive discounts at the locations truckers prefer. 
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2,000+ In-Network Locations

Accepted at 8,000+ Stations

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Get The Best Savings Every Time With Fuel Finder

Access the top discounts along your route with our smart technology, so there’s no question as to which station is the best station to get savings. 

Save $0.07 per Mile. No, Really.

We went directly to the country’s top chains to negotiate the best discounts for our clients, and our growing network is adding deeper discounts every day.
With the OTR Fuel Card for truckers, you can save an average of $0.51 per gallon and up to $1.88 per gallon.
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Your Fuel Card,

Funded Your Way

Zelle® instant funding and 
Credit/Debit Card options available!
Factor with OTR? Advance funds on open loads
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Zelle® near instant funding and Credit/Debit Card options available!

Factor with OTR? Advance funds on open loads 7 Days/Week, Split or fund all of your fundings on factored invoices, and so much more

Don’t Worry, OTR Has You Covered

Our factoring clients experience the best customer
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Our factoring clients experience the best customer service in the trucking industry, and the OTR Fuel Card is no different
Our team will be here from 8:00am to 8:00pm, 7 days a week, in person, to help get you out of any jam.
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Fuel + Factoring Bundle

Bundle and Save on Factoring

Extend your savings beyond fuel by bundling your fuel card with OTR Solutions Factoring. Our systems are completely integrated allowing you to get paid, fund your fuel card, and find discounts all in one mobile app.

The offer includes the only true non-recourse program, same-day instant funding with BOLT, and a dedicated account manager. There’s no credit check and OTR will help you get out of your existing factoring contract.


A Fuel Card Built For Every Operation

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Owner Operators 

Looking for the card that gives you access to the best savings to maximize your profitability?
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The OTR Fuel Card provides discounts of up to $1.75 per gallon with average savings of $0.51 per gallon. With $0 transaction fees at over 1,500 in-network locations you won’t have to worry about where to fuel up.

Use the free Fuel Finder tool in the app to search for the biggest discounts along your route and take advantage of multiple funding options, including Zelle, to instantly fund your card right at the pump.

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2-5 Truck Fleets 

With industry-leading savings and the ability to easily manage multiple cards for several drivers – the OTR Fuel Card is a perfect solution for growing fleets.
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The OTR Fuel Card provides multi-truck operations with savings of $600+ per truck per month, averaging $0.51 per gallon at the 1,500+ in-network locations nationwide. 

Drivers are provided with a dedicated login to access Fuel Finder in the OTR mobile app without disclosing invoice and funding details. Detailed reporting and transaction notifications allow operators to easily monitor driver activity and ensure they are taking advantage of discounts.

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Fleets of 5+ Trucks 

The OTR Fuel Card has several tools in place to ensure you’re getting the most savings at the pump but also getting the card spending control and insights and tools you need to drive your business forward.
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The OTR Fuel Card provides fleets with unparalleled service catered to maximizing savings for their fleet. Driver access to Fuel Finder helps fleets save more than $600 per month per truck and minimize fees by directing drivers to in-network locations.

Between OTR’s native reporting and industry leading reports provided by EFS, fleets are able to keep tabs on their operation and spending with little effort, meaning the cost and operational benefits offered by the OTR Fuel Card are near immediate.

Sign Up For The OTR Fuel Card

You can’t afford to keep missing out on these savings.
  • Average of $0.51 Savings Per Gallon
  • $0 In-Network Fees at 2,000+ Locations
  • Savings as High As $1.88 Per Gallon
  • Easily Find Discounts Along Every Route with Fuel Finder
  • Easy-To-Use Mobile App Interface
  • No Credit Checks
  • Free to Apply

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I already have a fuel card - can I still sign up for the OTR Fuel Card?

Yes! Because the OTR Fuel Card does not have any contractual obligations, opening an account is risk-free and can be used even if you already have another card.

Does signing up require a credit check?

No – signing up for the OTR Fuel Card prepaid offering does not include a hard credit inquiry.

I am looking for a fuel card with a line of credit. Does the OTR Fuel Card have credit options?

We offer a variety of solutions for those who are eligible for credit! Give our team a call at (470) 900-3585 to see which of our offerings is best for you!

Do I have to factor with OTR Solutions to use the OTR Fuel Card.

No – even if you are factoring with a different company or not factoring at all, you can still use the OTR Fuel Card!

Why would I use a fuel card when I already have a rewards credit card with another gas station?

While gas reward cards can be great for personal use, diesel fuel cards give significantly stronger savings for truckers. To get a full breakdown of this, check out our blog post here!

Calculate Fuel Costs

See how much you can save with the OTR Fuel Savings Calculator.





*The OTR Fuel Savings Calculator provides estimated monthly and annual fuel savings based on OTR Fuel Card holders’ historical transactions. The calculated savings are not guaranteed given the consistent fluctuation in fuel prices.

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