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Capital Fuel Card: Save More with The Best Fuel Card for Truckers

Save at More than 8,000 Truck Stops Nationwide

With the Capital Fuel Card powered by OTR Solutions, carriers can save an average of $0.25 and fuel up at more locations than virtually any other card available. With the current rise of fuel prices across America, it’s important to make sure you’ll never be stranded. Join OTR Solutions to get the best fuel card for truckers around.

Capital Fuel Card

The Capital Fuel Card for Truckers Delivers More Than Just Discounts

Choose from a suite of options to provide your drivers with the best possible savings, user experience, and solutions. The Capital Fuel Card is fully integrated with our Factoring Solutions allowing you flexibility on payments and access to capital before your next purchase. OTR Solutions also provides users with free access to our fuel finder so you and your drivers can save more every time you fill up.


Why wait? Fuel prices aren’t getting any cheaper! Apply now for the best fuel card for truckers!

How The Capital Fuel Card Helps Your Business

Capital Fuel Card

1. With Pre-Paid & Credit options available, virtually any carrier is eligible to take advantage of these discounts.

Capital Fuel Card

2. Manage your cards and drivers with customizable spending and access limits for each card. 

Capital Fuel Card

3. Always find the best discounts on your route with the OTR Solutions Fuel Finder in our Mobile App.

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Capital Fuel Card