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Carrier Client Portal: Factor, Manage & Grow

Speed, convenience, and efficiency as your business expands. The OTR Solutions client portal delivers extensive features and management tools for virtually every aspect of your business. Scale your business on a platform designed for operations of all sizes. Get access to the client portal today by joining our freight factoring program.

Intuitive Tech

Intuitive Technology

Factor invoices, request advances, and more with ease

Fast Invoicing

Fast Invoicing

Our fast invoice tool lets you upload paperwork in seconds

Management Icon

Management HQ

Integrated reporting, communication, and more

Seamless Access 2022 OTR Portal 2

Seamless Management

With the OTR Solutions Client Portal you can do so much more than submit invoices for payment. With an integrated invoicing board that mirrors our operation’s team, updates, notes, and actions are instantly reflected for simple funding. Our tools provide insight into safety scores, business analytics, RPM market analysis, and so much more.

Submit Invoice

Factor Invoices

Take advantage of our fast invoice feature to create invoices, upload paperwork, and get paid. With live updates on processing statuses you can easily focus on actions needed to get paid quickly.

Broker Check

Check Brokers

Access our instant broker check page to quickly confirm approval status of virtually any broker. With no credit restrictions on concentration, approval comes with no strings attached.

Generate Report

Generate Reports

With our proprietary reporting metrics you can view your operations down to each invoice factored. See trends in rate per mile, compare revenue on lanes to the overall market, and find areas with the best paying lanes. You won’t need anything else.


Integrated Communication

Our invoice board is designed to display processing statuses of submitted invoices as your operations team makes an update. Simply update the invoice and an update is sent to your team instantaneously.


The Bridge

OTR Solutions is dedicated to connecting clients to promote education, tips and tricks, and even business advice. The bridge offers an open forum to ask and answer questions between your peers.

Score Breakdown

Safety Score Monitor

Everyone should keep an eye on their safety scores, and remembering to go into the FMCSA account is probably the last thing on your mind. Monitor your safety scores every time you factor an invoice.

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True Non-Recourse Factoring

Discover the highest rated factoring program in the trucking industry, True Non Recourse Factoring powered by OTR Solutions. Streamlined services and no chargebacks puts the power in your hands.

Non-Recourse Factoring


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