What to Look for In a Fuel Card for Truckers in 2024

What to Look for In a Fuel Card for Truckers in 2024

Fuel cards have evolved. In 2024, they are no longer just a way to save on fuel but are an essential business tool. These cards now offer a full spectrum of benefits and perks. Perks that enhance operational efficiency and financial management for truckers and fleet operators. In this article, we will go over the essential features you’ll want to look for in a fuel card. With solutions like OTR’s Fuel Card, truckers can have it all, gaining access to a suite of services tailored to their needs.


More Than Just Fuel Savings

Fuel cards are an invaluable tool for running a trucking business these days, especially when they offer more than just fuel discounts. Beyond cheaper fuel, the best fuel cards today should be helping truckers in several ways.


Money Management

Fuel cards can help truckers better manage their finances by allowing them to track spending efficiently. This is crucial for effective budgeting and identifying potential savings.


Spending Insight

Having all spending records in one centralized location simplifies financial oversight. This enables truckers to get a clearer understanding of their business expenses.


Route Optimization

Insight into spending can aid in route planning, helping to identify the most efficient way to get from Point A to Point B and cut out unnecessary operational costs.


Reduced Paperwork

Having a fuel card and easy ass to spending insights means less time managing bank statements and receipts. 


Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits specifically offered by the OTR Fuel Card. These are some of the most sought-after advantages that we have found truckers are looking for in a fuel card here in 2024.

A Fuel Finder to Maximize Your Savings

Lower your operational costs by up to $0.07 per mile with the OTR Fuel Card and our in-app Fuel Finder feature. Before you begin your route, Fuel Finder allows you to find fuel stations between Point A and Point B – meaning you can choose where to stop with the best fuel prices and ensure your truck stays fueled for less. Locate your favorite trusted vendors like TA Petro, AMBEST, Speedway, and Racetrac and enjoy $0 in-network transaction fees. The OTR Fuel Card and Fuel Finder help you save up to $600 per month per truck. Those savings are too big to pass up. 


Discover More with the OTR Mobile App

Unlock the full potential of your trucking fuel card with the OTR Mobile App. Beyond finding the best fuel prices, explore a suite of features designed to streamline your operations. From managing invoices to tracking your fuel spend the app is your all-in-one solution for efficient trucking management.


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Easy Funding Options for Your Fuel Needs

Secure the funds you need, when you need them, with OTR’s easy funding options. No more waiting for crucial cash flow.


Fuel Advances

Access up to 50% of your current load’s invoice with our fuel advances. This short-term credit line is tailored for fuel purchases, helping you maintain momentum without financial hiccups. It’s an ideal solution for managing fuel costs proactively, ensuring your trucking operations never hit a roadblock due to funding issues.


These funding options are designed with truckers in mind, providing flexibility and quick access to funds. With these services, you can keep your trucks rolling and your business thriving, regardless of current cash on hand.

Weekly Fuel Digests

Stay ahead with OTR’s Weekly Fuel Digests. These emails are packed with valuable tips! They reveal where you can find the biggest fuel discounts, exclusive promotions, and other beneficial tips to save more on fuel. 


Additionally, as an OTR Fuel Card holder, you’ll enjoy extra savings on preventative maintenance services and tires thanks to our partnership with TravelCenters of America (TA). These service discounts are just another way we help you reduce operating costs and increase your profit margins. With Weekly Fuel Digests, you’re always in the loop, equipped to make informed decisions that enhance your bottom line.

A Wide Variety of Vendors for Added Convenience

OTR Solutions offers you unparalleled flexibility. You gain access to more than 1,500 in-network locations across the country and over 8,000 total locations. This extensive network means you’re never far from a station where you can fill up at a discounted rate, ensuring you always get the best deal on fuel. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you are going. Our diverse vendor options guarantee you’ll find substantial savings. 


Maximize Your Fuel Savings

Explore how OTR Solutions can transform your fueling experience with a wide network of vendors and significant discounts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your fuel costs and enhance your operational efficiency.


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Transaction History: Your Fuel Spending at a Glance

Keep track of your fuel expenses effortlessly with OTR Solutions. Our transaction history feature offers detailed insights, helping you manage finances and make informed decisions for your trucking business.

Detailed Records

View dates, locations, prices, gallons, and savings for each fuel purchase in one convenient location.


Tax Preparation

Simplify tax time with organized records, easily identifying deductible business expenses.


IFTA Integration

Access IFTA forms directly through the OTR platform, streamlining tax submissions and ensuring compliance.


Expense Trends Analysis

Analyze fuel spending patterns to optimize route planning and operational decisions.


Immediate Discounts

Enjoy rebates at the point of purchase, providing consistent savings and improving cash flow.


With OTR Solutions, you gain more than just fuel discounts; you get a comprehensive tool that enhances your financial management and operational efficiency.

Credit Access Over Time

Gain long-term financial stability with OTR Solutions, a leader in transportation solutions. Our program offers growing credit access, ensuring your business scales smoothly.


Steady Growth

As your business expands, so does your access to credit, facilitating larger fuel purchases and operational investments.


Industry Expertise

Benefit from OTR’s vast experience in the transportation sector, guaranteeing a program that evolves with market trends and your business needs.


Reliable Support

Rely on continuous enhancements and updates, ensuring your financial tools remain top-notch and future-proof.


OTR Solutions isn’t just a provider; we’re a growth partner committed to your success, offering credit solutions that adapt and expand with your business journey.

Empower Your Trucking Journey

Join OTR Solutions and experience one of the best fuel cards you can find in 2024. With tools like Fuel Finder, easy funding options, and comprehensive transaction records, you’re set for success.


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