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What is a load board?

A freight load board is an online marketplace designed to connect owner-operators and carriers with shippers and brokers, facilitating the efficient movement of freight and loading of trucks. Through this platform, owner-operators or carriers can post details about their available equipment and desired destination, while shippers and brokers can post information about loads that need to be moved.


This interactive system operates on a subscription-based model, providing a valuable resource for those in the shipping and trucking industry to streamline their operations and find the most suitable match for their transportation needs.


Why do you need a load board?

Load boards are essential tools for the transportation industry, offering several crucial advantages. Many carriers and owner-operators utilize at least one load board. They help optimize routes, ensuring that carriers find the most efficient and cost-effective paths for transporting goods. This optimization not only saves time but also reduces operational costs.


By providing visibility into available loads, load boards help reduce deadhead mileage— the distances trucks travel without cargo—minimizing wasted fuel and time. Load boards also play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of double brokering, wherein a load is brokered multiple times before it’s picked up, leading to confusion and potential financial losses. Thus, load boards enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure more straightforward, transparent transactions in the transportation industry.


The Best Load Boards in the Industry


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DAT One Load Board

DAT One and its embedded load board help you plan the most efficient routes, taking into account factors like traffic, distance, and delivery windows. This allows you to navigate around unexpected roadblocks or traffic jams, ensuring on-time deliveries. Beyond this, optimizing routes is an excellent way to eliminate deadhead mileage. DAT One delivers information you can use to choose routes that will enable you to secure a load for your return trip, helping you maximize profitability. 


The DAT One load board empowers subscribers to:

  • Cover every aspect of running their business, from managing loads to planning trips and getting paid, from a singular app. 
  • Improve negotiating power with the most accurate market rates, based on $150B in freight transactions, plus company reviews and credit scores. 
  • Largest load board in the industry. Access the one million loads posted daily.
  • Leverage access to DAT’s unique TriHaul™ tool, which can help reduce fuel costs by providing suggestions for triangular routes that help carriers circumvent low-paying lanes and backhaul rates.
  • Access the subscription tiers HERE!


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Sylectus Load Board

The Sylectus Load Board specializes in servicing small to medium-sized trucking companies. Box trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, straight trucks – no matter your vehicle, the Sylectus Load Board has the expedited freight to keep you on the road. Find freight, post loads, look for available trucks and post your trucks for others to find. Sylectus’sfully vetted carrier-to-carrier network of haulers has been helping truckers build relationships and grow their business for over 20 years.


With the Sylectus Load Board, subscribers can:

  • Find and post loads and find capacity.
  • Manage active trips and track drivers in real-time.
  • Maintain and expand their expedite freight operations.
  • Access the subscription tiers HERE!

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