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True Non-Recourse Factoring with OTR Solutions

Experience non-recourse factoring the way it’s meant to be.

True Non-Recourse Factoring with OTR Solutions delivers unrivaled protections, reliability, and simplicity to your business.


No Chargebacks

Fast Invoicing

Same Day Funding


Free 24/7 Broker Checks

Claimed By Many, Offered By Few

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OTR Solutions is dedicated to delivering new and small carriers a factoring solution that offers them the highest chance of succeeding in any freight market. With True Non-Recourse Factoring, carriers can be confident in the customers they work with, and even more in in the cashflow we provide. True Non-Recourse Factoring is rarely found in today’s factoring space, since all liability for getting paid remains with the factor. For OTR Solutions, we believe assuming this risk is in the best interest of our clients and are excited to continue promoting carrier success for decades to come.

How Our True Non-Recourse Factoring Works

Find Loads

Work with Thousands of Approved Brokers

With the help of the OTR Solutions Mobile app or Client Portal instantly check the approval status of virtually any US based broker before booking a load.

Upload Invoice

Upload The Invoice & Get Paid

After delivery, submit the rate confirmation and proof of delivery in seconds either on-the-go or on your computer using the OTR Solutions Mobile App or Client Portal. Want payment instantly? Select the BOLT Instant Payment option to receive instant funding to your debit card.


Dedicated Operations Team Verifies & Invoices the Broker

Your dedicated operations team will verify payment amount and status with the broker before submitting the invoice to their accounting team on your behalf. If we find an error in their payment amount, it’s addressed up front, saving you money.

Fleet Factoring

Accounts Receivable Team Collects Payment

Let our in-house accounts receivable specialists track and collect your outstanding invoices, ensuring payment is made on time, and late payments are addressed before they become an issue. You will always be protected on a cleanly delivered and approved load.

Start Factoring Today

Bolt Instant Funding

Never wait hours or days for your money again! With BOLT Instant Funding payments are transferred to your bank account in seconds, giving you immediate access to your cashflow and freedom from bank wire fees.

Mobile App

The OTR Solutions mobile app is completely redesigned with more intuitive tools and efficient invoice submissions. Run virtually every aspect of your business from the palm of your hand.