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Should You Use a Trucking Fuel Card or Your Credit Card?

At  OTR Solutions, we understand that trucking is a tough business. Long hours on the road away from family and friends can be difficult to handle. Add in tight deadlines, bad weather, and heavy traffic, and it’s no wonder that truckers have one of the most stressful jobs out there. 


The competition is fierce, but at OTR Solutions we’re here to see you succeed. One  of the most challenging aspects of trucking is keeping track of your finances. Between fuel costs, maintenance expenses, and tolls, it can be difficult to know where you stand financially from one week to the next. So, should you use a diesel credit card such as the OTR Solutions Fuel Card for these expenses, or your own credit card? Here’s a look into that very subject, thanks for reading!


What is a fuel card for truckers and how does it work

A trucking fuel card, also referred to as a diesel fuel card, is a card that truckers can use to purchase fuel for their vehicles. It is linked to the trucker’s account, and the trucker can use it to pay for fuel at participating truck stops. When the trucker swipes the card, the account is debited for the cost of the fuel, and the trucker can then pump the fuel into their vehicle. Trucking fuel cards offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of payment, such as cash or check. For one, they allow truckers to track their fuel expenses more easily. Additionally, some trucking companies offer discounts on fuel purchases made with a company-issued diesel credit card. At OTR Solutions, users see an average of $.45 per gallon at in-network locations. Finally, fuel cards can help streamline the refueling process, saving time and hassle for both the trucker and the truck stop.


Is a trucking fuel card the same as a gas card?

Not at all. While you could certainly use a regular gas card to purchase diesel, there are two key benefits of having an actual trucker-focused product. First, you get more savings per gallon with a trucker’s fuel card for diesel and second, there are security measures built right in that a regular gas card doesn’t have.


Save On Diesel With the OTR Solutions Fuel Card

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The benefits of using a fuel card for truckers

It might seem easier to just use your regular credit card when fueling up your truck, but there are many benefits to using a fuel card for truckers over your own credit card. Here they are:


You save money on fuel

Bring that diesel price down. These specialized cards offer discounts on fuel purchases at truck stops and other locations across the country. Sincethey’re specifically designed for professional drivers, they offer more savings than regular credit cards. 


Keep track of your expenses & budget

A diesel credit card keeps track of all your fueling transactions. Simply log into your account online to see how much fuel you’ve used and what your current balance is.


Improve your credit score

When used responsibly, a fuel card can help improve your credit score by demonstrating that you are a responsible borrower. However, if you miss payments or max out your credit limit, your score may suffer. To avoid this, always make sure to pay your bill on time and keep your balance well below your credit limit. By doing so, you can use your fuel card to help improve your financial standing.


Avoid annual fees, interest charges, and late fees

There are no annual fees with trucking fuel cards and by paying off your balance in full each month, you’ll avoid interest charges and late fees.  A trucking fuel card can save you a significant amount of money on your operating costs, and it is definitely worth considering if you are a truck driver.


Use in case of an emergency

With some trucking fuel cards, you may be able to get cash advances for fuel at certain locations. These cards for truckers can also be used to purchase other items, such as tires or repairs and can offer discounts for these maintenace items. 


So, which is better for truckers’ expenses: a trucking fuel card or a regular credit card?

When it comes down to it, regular credit cards are more expensive and offer far less benefits for truckers. With fuel-specific discounts, no annual fees, easy expense tracking, and more, a trucking fuel card offers more for your business. 


Which fuel card is best for truckers? 

The Fuel Card offered by OTR Solutions is the best in the industry

  • Use OTR’s Fuel Card at more locations than any other fuel card – over 8,000 truck stops nationwide accept it.
  • Save an average of $0.45 per gallon – a huge help if you’ve seen the way gas prices are these days.
  • Integrate your OTR Solutions Fuel Card with our factoring solutions, allowing you to add funds to your fuel card directly from your factored invoices
  • Access OTR’s Fuel Finder in the mobile app, showing you the stops on your route where you can fuel up at with big savings.
  • Manage your cards and drivers with customizable spending and access limits for each card.



Let’s Recap: Trucking Fuel Card vs. Credit Card

OfferingTrucking Fuel CardCredit Card
Credit LimitsXX
Deep Discounts on DieselX
Designed for TruckersX
Pre-Paid & Credit Based CardsXX

The clear winner here is trucking fuel cards. The OTR Solutions Fuel Card offers an average savings of $0.45 per gallon, while also gaining you access to OTR Solution’s powerful tools and services such as freight factoring. Additionally, consider third-party applications such as Upside to earn additional cashback from promotional offers at specific participating truck stops.


Think of OTR Solutions as Your Best Friend in Trucking

If you’re looking to save big on that not-so-small diesel price, you are going to need a reliable, affordable diesel fuel card.. Look no further than OTR Solutions for a top notch fuel card, as well as all of our trucking services and solutions. Our mission has always been to deliver exceptional value to our clients through innovative financing and back-office solutions for the transportation industry and our fuel card is no exception. 


In fact, we are more than just a financing and back-office solution. We’re your best friend in trucking, and we want to help make your business run as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our fuel card for truckers and how we can help streamline your trucking operations!

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