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TruckerFi and OTR Solutions partnership helps truckers secure the financing they need for sustainable growth.

What does the partnership offer?

  • TruckerFi works exclusively for independent owner-operators and small fleet operators. TruckerFi’s financial support and advisory services are an excellent complement to the services and guidance OTR Solutions provides to truckers.
  • The partnership gives truckers extraordinary planning flexibility for both immediate and long-term financial needs.

Snapshot of the partnership

  • Together, OTR Solutions and TruckerFi offer carriers and independent truckers a wide range of financial services covering everything from fuel purchases to receivables factoring and equipment financing. 
  • TruckerFi’s specialists focus on long-term needs. They personally guide truckers in finding affordable, flexible, and reliable equipment financing options. 
  • OTR Solutions focuses on clients’ shorter-term needs for operating cash. We advise truckers on the best factoring approaches to turn receivables into immediate cash flow.

Key benefits of the partnership

  • New businesses gain the advantage of getting sound advice from two leaders in trucking finance. Both partners specialize in the trucking industry and are committed to helping truckers achieve successful growth. 
  • Like OTR Solutions, TruckerFi has a long track record of focusing on the best interests of its customers and earning their trust and respect.

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