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DAT Freight & Analytics

DAT Freight & Analytics and OTR Solutions are Partnered to Deliver Integrated Solutions on the Industry's Largest Load Board

What does the partnership offer?

  • The partnership expands factoring services available to trucking companies and freight brokers through DAT’s load board network, the industry’s largest marketplace for truckload freight.
  • DAT’s network customers gain instant access to OTR’s extensive broker checks and factoring solutions.

Snapshot of the partnership

  • OTR Solutions and DAT work together to provide carriers and brokers with greater visibility into loads that can be factored.
  • Truckers looking for loads on the DAT load board network can instantly see which loads are factorable and approved for advance funding through OTR solutions.

Key benefits of the partnership

  • Carriers on the DAT network gain easy access to OTR’s customizable invoice factoring services with no monthly minimums, hidden fees, volume limits, credit restrictions or long-term contracts.
  • Brokers attract much-needed capacity by offering factoring solutions to carriers looking for loads.
  • Carriers and brokers of all sizes can focus more on running their businesses, while removing the worry of back-office headaches and cash flow concerns.
  • Truckers can easily see which loads are factorable through OTR Solutions. Any load posted to the DAT network with a blue checkmark is approved for advance funding.

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