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Overcoming Produce Season Trucking Challenges

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Today, we’re tackling the challenges that come with the produce season, a crucial time of year for produce freight brokers. As your trusted invoice factoring partner, OTR Solutions is here to help you navigate these hurdles, maximize your profits, and keep your business running smoothly.

In this guide, we’ll answer questions like when is produce season and identify the common challenges trucking companies face during the produce season as well as provide practical solutions to overcome these obstacles. You’ll see how OTR Solutions can be the answer to every problem, helping you make the most of this busy time of year. So, let’s dive in!

When Does Produce Season Start in Trucking?

Produce season in trucking typically begins in late April or early May and continues through the summer months, peaking in June and July. The start of the season can vary slightly depending on factors such as weather conditions, regional crop cycles, availability of produce shopping boxes and market demand. During this time, produce trucking companies see a significant increase in demand for their services as growers and distributors require timely and efficient transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables from farms to supermarkets, restaurants, and other retailers.

The beginning of produce freight season is marked by the harvest of various fruits and vegetables in different regions across the United States. For example, the season starts with strawberries in California and progresses to other crops like lettuce, tomatoes, and stone fruits as the weeks go by. Similarly, in the Southeast, the season kicks off with the harvesting of crops like peaches, watermelons, and blueberries. As the season unfolds, produce freight brokers must be prepared to accommodate the increased demand and logistical challenges that come with transporting perishable goods across long distances, ensuring their safe and timely arrival at their final destinations.

Understanding Produce Season Trucking Challenges

As the demand for transporting fresh fruits and vegetables surges, trucking companies are presented with both opportunities and challenges as they work to meet tight schedules and cope with the increased workload.  

To successfully navigate the produce season, it’s essential to understand the specific challenges that produce freight brokers face during this time. By identifying these obstacles, you can develop strategies and implement solutions, like those offered by OTR Solutions, to overcome them and capitalize on the increased demand. 

Here below we will outline some of the most common challenges encountered during the produce freight season, followed by insights on how to tackle them effectively, maximizing your profits during the produce season.


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Keeping the Cash Flowing

One of the primary challenges during the produce season is maintaining a steady cash flow to cover operational expenses and invest in growth opportunities. Trucking companies often face delayed payments from clients, which can create financial strain and hinder their ability to meet the increased demand. The lack of cash flow can affect the company’s ability to pay drivers, maintain and repair vehicles, and manage other expenses associated with running a successful trucking business.

Solution: OTR Solutions offers freight factoring services that provide trucking companies with immediate cash flow by advancing payment on their outstanding invoices. This helps businesses maintain financial stability and focus on delivering exceptional service during the busy produce season. OTR Solutions provides flexible and competitive factoring options tailored to meet the needs of produce trucking companies. By partnering with OTR Solutions, trucking companies can overcome cash flow challenges, reduce their reliance on traditional financing options, and position themselves for success during the produce freight season and beyond.

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Staying Organized

Managing the increased workload and tight schedules during the produce season can be overwhelming. Trucking companies need to stay organized to ensure they can efficiently handle invoicing, payments, and documentation. Poor organization can lead to missed deadlines, late payments, and even lost revenue. Furthermore, maintaining accurate records is essential for regulatory compliance and effective decision-making.


Solution: The OTR Solutions Client Portal is a valuable resource for trucking companies during the produce season. This secure, online portal allows you to manage your account, submit invoices, request advances, and access important documents and resources at any time. The Client Portal streamlines your administrative tasks and helps you stay organized, monitor your business’s financial health, and quickly address any issues that may arise. With the support of the OTR Solutions Client Portal, produce freight brokers can maintain efficient operations and focus on meeting the increased demand during the produce season.

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Staying Connected and Informed 

As trucking companies navigate the produce season, staying connected and informed is crucial. Drivers, dispatchers, and clients need real-time access to shipment information, route updates, and other critical data to ensure smooth operations. Without effective communication and access to up-to-date information, trucking companies risk miscommunications, delays, and even lost business.


Solution: The OTR Solutions Mobile App is a powerful tool for trucking companies during the produce season. The app provides easy access to essential features such as invoice submission, payment tracking, and real-time updates on your account. With the Mobile App, drivers and dispatchers can stay connected and informed, no matter where they are on the road. By leveraging the OTR Solutions Mobile App, trucking companies can improve communication, enhance collaboration, and maintain a high level of service during the busy produce season.

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Getting Paid on Time

During the produce season, timely payments are essential for produce freight brokers to maintain cash flow and meet their financial obligations. Unfortunately, delayed or inconsistent payments can create significant challenges for businesses, leading to financial strain and even jeopardizing their ability to continue operations.


Solution: BOLT Instant Payments by OTR Solutions is a convenient service that provides trucking companies with immediate access to funds from their outstanding invoices. This fast and efficient payment option helps businesses maintain steady cash flow during the busy produce season, ensuring they have the resources they need to cover operational expenses and capitalize on growth opportunities. By utilizing BOLT Instant Payments, produce trucking companies can overcome payment challenges and focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients.


Paying for Fuel

Fuel is one of the most significant expenses for those with produce trucking jobs and fluctuating fuel costs can create budgeting and cash flow challenges during the busy season. As trucking companies face increased demand and tight schedules, managing fuel expenses becomes even more critical to maintaining profitability and ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, accessing funds for fuel purchases can be a challenge, especially when cash flow is tight.


Solution: OTR Solutions offers a comprehensive fuel management solution, including a fuel card and fuel advances to help trucking companies manage fluctuating fuel costs and maintain financial stability. The OTR Fuel Card provides access to competitive fuel discounts at major fuel stops across the country, helping businesses save money on every gallon purchased. Additionally, OTR’s fuel advances enable companies to access funds for fuel expenses before a load is delivered, allowing them to better manage their cash flow and focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. By leveraging OTR’s Fuel Card and fuel advances, trucking companies can effectively manage fuel expenses and maintain profitability during the busy produce season.

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Paying Lumpers

Lumper fees, which cover the cost of loading and unloading cargo, can be unpredictable and difficult to manage for trucking companies during the produce season. These expenses often arise unexpectedly, and without adequate financial planning, companies may struggle to cover these costs, leading to operational delays and financial strain.


Solution: OTR Solutions offers lumper advances to help trucking companies manage the costs of lumper fees during the produce season. These advances provide immediate access to funds for lumper expenses, enabling businesses to maintain financial stability, streamline their operations, and focus on delivering quality service to their clients. With OTR’s lumper advances, trucking companies can effectively manage unexpected lumper fees and ensure smooth operations during the busy produce season.

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Staying in Compliance

Staying current with safety and regulatory standards can be challenging, especially when juggling the demands of the produce season. Failing to maintain compliance can lead to fines, penalties, and damage to your company’s reputation, which can ultimately impact your ability to secure new clients and retain existing ones. Produce freight brokers need to prioritize safety and compliance to ensure smooth operations during the produce season and beyond.


Solution: OTR Solutions offers a Safety Score Monitor, a vital tool for produce trucking companies. This innovative solution helps businesses monitor driver behavior, identify potential safety concerns, and take corrective action when needed. By prioritizing driver safety, you reduce the likelihood of accidents, protect your drivers and cargo, and minimize any potential disruptions to your business. The Safety Score Monitor also helps trucking companies maintain compliance with safety regulations, ensuring a safer and more efficient operation during the busy produce season.

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Partner with OTR Solutions to Conquer Produce Season Challenges and Maximize Profits

By implementing these solutions provided by OTR Solutions, produce trucking companies can effectively address the challenges they face while transporting produce freight. They need to optimize their operations and ultimately maximize their profits during this crucial time. Each of these solutions plays a vital role in helping you manage the increased demand, tight schedules and other obstacles that are inherent to the produce season, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for your company.

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