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OTR Solutions Clients Urged to Prepare for Holiday Peak Freight Season And Market Uncertainty

ROSWELL, GA (September 16th, 2022)

These are uncertain times. And when uncertainty is present, those who succeed are often those who prepare.

OTR Solutions clients and the trucking industry will be ready to answer the call. 

America is witnessing rising inflation, a tightening labor market, and ongoing global conflict that have impacted the nation’s supply chain and consumer spending. We hope that these challenges dissipate and a reduction in inflation pressures comes soon.

However, these macroeconomic forces and the recent prospect of a potential railroad labor strike display just how fast the nation will need the trucking industry to be organized to meet freight demand.

Holiday Freight Peak Season is Coming Soon

With these recent events, we encourage our trucking community to be prepared for any unexpected increase in demand during the cyclical surge in traditional holiday freight season.

In short, demand is present for professional and reliable trucking – and OTR Solutions clients will deliver the goods.

Get Prepared with OTR Solutions

We remain committed to helping our trucking business partners and clients gain the most up to date information and back-office support. That is why we are urging our clients — and all trucking companies across America — to effectively prepare for holiday freight season.

OTR Solutions clients, we strongly encourage you to leverage OTR Solutions’ powerful technologies and tools to help them:

  • Negotiate fair rates on the lanes you currently run and are considering running freight
  • Use OTR Solutions’ Fuel Finder in the mobile app to find fuel savings along your lane
  • Take advantage of OTR Solutions’ fuel card discounts
  • Check your Carrier Safety Score to keep your fleet running smoothly and free of infractions
  • Have readily available and reliable cashflow through our freight factoring services to ensure you are able to capture the anticipated surge in freight demand 

Actions OTR Solutions Clients Should Take Right Now

 OTR Solutions clients should visit:

  • OTR Solutions Broker Check Solution
  • OTR Solutions Partner Load Board, DAT Freight & Analytics – If you see the “Blue Check” mark they are validated by OTR Solutions
  • The DAT One Tool and other OTR solutions to help negotiate freight load rates through observing the average load in that lane
  • ELEVATE to quickly establish a professional website presence and branded email domain to raise your credibility in the space and secure higher value freight ($50-$100 more per load, on average)
  • The Bridge, OTR Solutions’ open forum to help you gain insights and recommendations from fellow truckers directly as you navigate the fall freight season.

What if I am not an OTR Solutions Client? 

Not an OTR Solutions client? It is easy to sign up or visit the OTR Registration Portal to get started.

Our customer service experts can get you signed up with OTR Solutions’ fast and reliable factoring solutions, universally accepted fuel card, access to vast discounts, help you build company branded website, and more to elevate your trucking business to the next level this fall freight season.


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