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OTR Capital Helps to Keep Highways Safe for Truckers

OTR Capital has become a sponsor of Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation to help make highways safer and more secure for our nation’s truckers.

“OTR cares so much about our clients, and being part of the Sponsorship Program is just a small way to show we care about our roads and keeping our drivers safe,” said Grace Woody, OTR Corporate Operations Manager.

The Sponsor A Highway Program helps keep our country’s roadways safe through roadside maintenance and executes beautification efforts on major highways to keep roads looking beautiful. OTR adopted a heavily-populated part of Interstate 285 in Georgia where millions of cars and trucks alike pass through each year.

“We love knowing that as you pass through our hometown you’ll see the OTR logo and know what we are committed to doing our part in providing safe and secure roadways for carriers to operate efficiently,” added Woody.

The transportation industry is crucial to America’s economy and OTR believes it is vital to help support highways and communities directly impacting truckers. Through OTR’s sponsorship, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation crews will have the funds to conduct safety upkeep and maintenance, which will in turn help keep the community clean and safe for passage.

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