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How to Save on Diesel Fuel + Best Fuel

What fuels the heart of America’s trucking industry? Undeniably, it’s diesel. This crucial commodity keeps the nation’s trucking arteries pumping, ensures the timely delivery of goods and forms an essential part of our country’s economic machinery. However, the cost of diesel doesn’t merely represent a line item in a budget—it’s a significant operational expense that can profoundly impact a trucking company’s bottom line. 


Imagine if you could tame this expense and turn it from a financial burden into a strategic advantage. Enter the OTR Fuel Card, a powerful tool designed to help you save on fuel, optimize your operations and potentially transform the financial health of your trucking company. In this article, we will dig into everything you need to know about how to save on fuel in trucking. Let’s go!


Understanding Diesel Fuel Costs

Decoding diesel prices is a complex affair. They are influenced by a myriad of factors that span the global economy, from international oil prices to local taxes and transportation costs. These elements fluctuate continually, subjecting your budget to a rollercoaster of unpredictable expenses. Given that fuel costs constitute a significant chunk of operational expenses in the trucking industry, sudden price hikes can slice right through your profit margins. It’s clear that strategies to control these costs are not just beneficial—they’re critical for maintaining profitability and sustainability in a challenging industry.


Strategies that Work When You Need to Save on Fuel

When it comes to controlling diesel costs, it’s not just about where you fill up; it’s about how you run your entire operation. There are a variety of factors that can significantly impact your fuel efficiency. By focusing on them you can have more of a handle on your fuel spending. Let’s explore these areas in more detail.


The first step towards fuel efficiency starts in your own garage. Regular maintenance keeps your truck operating at peak efficiency. Simple steps like timely oil changes, ensuring air filters are clean and keeping tires at their optimal pressure can translate into tangible fuel savings over the long haul.

Route Optimization

Your journey on the road to fuel efficiency continues with intelligent route planning. Selecting the most efficient route, considering variables such as traffic congestion, road conditions and topography, can help shave off unnecessary miles and thus, needless fuel consumption.

Load Management

The way you load your truck can also significantly affect fuel efficiency. A well-balanced, evenly distributed load reduces the energy necessary to propel the truck forward, leading to lower fuel consumption.

Driver Behavior

Lastly, the key to fuel efficiency may well be in the hands of your drivers. Smooth, consistent driving, avoiding abrupt braking and acceleration and maintaining a steady speed can all contribute to decreased fuel usage.


Finding Discounts on Fuel

Another vital strategy for saving on diesel costs lies in your ability to identify and leverage fuel discounts. With fuel costs being a significant portion of your operational expenses, even a small discount per gallon can add up to substantial savings over time.


This is where fuel cards like the OTR Fuel Card can come into play. Fuel cards often come with the added advantage of fuel discounts at specific stations or across a network of stations. These discounts can significantly reduce your fuel costs, particularly if you operate a large fleet or cover substantial distances.

Introducing the OTR Fuel Card

A fuel card is a specialized form of payment card designed explicitly for purchasing diesel fuel. But the OTR Fuel Card goes beyond merely being a payment method. It’s a versatile tool that provides unique benefits, designed with an intimate understanding of the trucking industry’s needs. It’s crafted to help truckers control their fuel costs, manage their operations more efficiently and ultimately, drive their business forward.


Discounts with the OTR Fuel Card

When navigating the fuel card landscape, beware of smoke and mirrors. Some companies tout average discounts across their network, yet the actual discount you receive at the pump may fall short. That’s where the OTR Fuel Card breaks the mold. The average discount per gallon for real purchases made with our card is a substantial $0.54/gallon. That’s a figure that towers over almost any other card on the market. Did we mention that you could be saving $6,000+ annually per truck on fuel costs?


With the OTR Fuel Card, you can finally really save on fuel! You’re looking at a potential savings of over $500 per month for each truck in your fleet. And here’s the kicker—unlike some other cards, the OTR Fuel Card doesn’t charge any in-network transaction fees. That means more of your hard-earned money stays where it belongs—in your pocket.


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Manage your fuel in the OTR Mobile App

The OTR Fuel Card  is easily managed in the OTR mobile app allowing for easy access to load funds, review transaction history, and see total fuel savings. 


With the Fuel Finder feature in the mobile app, users are able to view discounts along their route. Fuel Finder also lets you filter by your favorite fuel stops, in-network locations, and more. 

OTR Fuel Card: More than Just Fuel Discounts

The OTR Fuel Card isn’t just about savings—it’s also about offering you financial flexibility when you need it most. We understand the unique cash flow challenges that can emerge in the trucking industry. 


Freight Invoice Factoring

In an industry where cash is king, waiting for invoices to be paid can feel like an eternity. But with OTR’s freight factoring services, you can say goodbye to those long waits and hello to immediate cash flow.

Our freight factoring service allows you to sell your unpaid invoices to us for immediate cash. Instead of waiting for 30, 60, or even 90 days for payment, you get the funds you need right away with BOLT Instant Payment. This accelerates your cash flow, allowing you to cover expenses, invest in new equipment, or take on more loads without hesitation.


BOLT Instant Payment is designed to seamlessly integrate with the OTR Fuel Card and freight factoring services, enabling you to optimize your financial operations further. By choosing OTR Solutions, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re selecting a partner committed to streamlining your finances and driving your business toward a more profitable future.


Fuel and Lumper Advances

Fuel advances give you access to upfront cash against your load, even before your wheels hit the road. This immediate access to funds can be a lifesaver, covering your fuel costs, maintenance, or other expenses that crop up during a job.


But we didn’t stop there. With the inclusion of lumper advances, you can now also cover the costs of lumper services without disrupting your cash flow. This means you can keep your cargo moving without financial hiccups slowing you down.


Harnessing the Power of Partnerships

At OTR Solutions, we don’t just stand by our products; we stand by our customers. That’s why we’ve forged powerhouse partnerships with leading names across tech, freight, and beyond. These strategic alliances empower us to continually enhance our services, providing you with cutting-edge tools and resources to help grow your business.


Whether it’s the latest in fleet management technology or the most competitive freight rates, our partnerships bring these benefits to your doorstep. It’s this commitment to our customers that sets us apart and allows us to deliver a fuel card that’s more than a payment method—it’s a passport to growth.

Driving Towards a More Profitable Future with the OTR Fuel Card

We hope this information has helped you understand better how to save on diesel fuel. Because, as you know, every gallon of diesel saved, every streamlined operation, and every dollar in your pocket can make a significant difference. The OTR Fuel Card, combined with our freight factoring and fuel and lumper advances, is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic partner in your quest for efficiency and profitability.


By choosing OTR, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re choosing a partner committed to fueling your journey toward success. As we navigate the winding roads of the trucking industry, together, we can drive your business forward to a future filled with possibilities. So, are you ready to hit the road toward a more profitable future? The OTR Fuel Card is here to help you save on fuel and gear up for success. Apply today, and let’s start this journey together.


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