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Factoring For Owner Operators

OTR Solutions offers the most comprehensive non-recourse factoring for owner operators and gives you innovative tools and solutions to unlock your cash flow.

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OTR Solutions Is The Best Factoring Company For Owner-Operators

OTR Solutions is your dedicated resource for the industry’s only true non-recourse freight factoring programs specifically designed for owner-operators. We offer comprehensive solutions for owner operators to succeed in their business.

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Benefits Of OTR Solutions Non-Recourse Factoring For Owner Operators

When you factor with OTR Solutions you get access to our non-recourse invoice factoring programs that carry some serious benefits over recourse factoring and other factoring companies in general.

Minimized Risk

With non-recourse factoring for owner operators you don’t assume the risk anymore for invoices that may not get paid. OTR Solutions takes the risk so you can enjoy doing what you love.

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Instant Payments with BOLT

By offering a true non-recourse factoring solution for owner operators we’re able to provide instant payments with our solution BOLT. When you don’t assume the risk, we’re able to buy your invoice in a timely manner and pay you before we even start collecting on the invoice.

Low Fees

We’re keeping it simple when it comes to our fees for owner operator factoring. Others typically charge upwards of $10 for a single ACH deposit whereas OTR Solutions has some of the lowest in the industry.

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No Long Term Contracts

Don’t be locked into a contract that never ends. The typical factoring company locks you in from 1-3 years with some being as high as 5 years and will even charge you an early termination fee. OTR Solutions offers straight-forward contract periods that are negotiable with what works best for you as an owner operator.

Dedicated Back-Office Support

Never be left in the dark when it comes to your cash flow. Get instant access to a dedicated account manager with our back-office support who’s there to help you every step of the way throughout the factoring process.

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Innovative Tools to Unlock Your Cash Flow

OTR Solutions has many tools that are created specifically for owner operators.

Client Portal

Factor invoices with ease. Send invoices in seconds and access integrated reporting tools, communication tools and so much more.

Client Portal

Lumper Fee Advances

Skip the pesky lumper fees and take an advance from OTR Solutions.

Lumper Fee Advances 

Safety Score Monitor

Monitor your CSA BASIC scores anytime with ease. Gain 24/7 access to your CSA basic score straight from the client portal using your motor carrier and DOT number. Get real time scores and alerts.

Safety Score Monitor 

Mobile Factoring App

Factor from anywhere in the United States from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. 

Mobile Factoring App

Capital Fuel Card (Fuel Advances)

Save on fuel at over 8,000 truck stops nationwide with our Capital Fuel Card.

Capital Fuel Card 

Discover All Of OTR Solutions Tools

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Enjoy The Best Factoring For Owner Operators with OTR Solutions

We’re excited to partner with you on your journey to unlocking your true cash flow by offering you our innovative and powerful tools and solutions. Factor with OTR Solutions today!