Everything You Need to Know about Lumper Fees

Everything You Need to Know About Lumper Fees (Guide)

Truckers: when you arrive at a warehouse with your load, do you take advantage of lumper service? Or maybe you are new to this industry, and you found this article because you are wondering what a lumper even is and why you might ever need one? We are writing on this topic to help shed more light on it all – just for you.

OTR Solutions is a freight factoring service for truckers and while we ourselves do not offer lumper services; we do offer lumper advances that can help you pay upfront for this critical assistance.

In this guide, we will be delving into the most frequently asked questions about lumpers and all you could possibly need to know about their services and their fees.  What is a lumper? And how much do they charge for lumper service? By understanding all of this you can be prepared the next time you need to unload at the dock.

What is a Lumper?

Being a trucker has its own unique set of idiosyncrasies and lingo, one of those terms being ‘lumper.’ A lumper is an individual who operates as a contractor for truckers, helping to unload or load containers and trucks on the trucker’s behalf. It usually takes more than one lumper to assist with loading or unloading because of the sheer volume of product that most truckers have onboard. Essentially, a lumper assists in making a grueling task easier for the trucker, getting them back on the road faster with their cargo loaded properly and securely. For anyone who spends much time adjusting their loads daily, having help from someone as knowledgeable in configuration and transport as a lumper is invaluable!

What is lumper service?

Lumper service is the much-needed help for truckers who have the laborious tasks of unloading, moving and stockpiling goods in their trailer. Truckers often require a lumper service when they arrive at the delivery point, so a company far ahead of the curve would invest in one to both save time and help their drivers operate more efficiently. Retaining workers to be on-call can easily become overwhelming and expensive; a lumper solution helps truckers alleviate extra stress and complete the job quickly and accurately. Utilizing this type of service minimizes errors or misplacements for the trucker, allowing for photos and signed documentation of unloading without having to eyeball what went where during delivery. In this way, lumpers are a vital asset to any shipping line’s network, ensuring efficiency every step of the way.

Do they handle any type of freight or only specific kinds?

As it turns out, lumpers handle a vast array of freight. From cars and boats to household goods and furniture – lumpers handle it all! They re-stack, load/unload, inventory, organize and bundle freight. Best of all, these hardworking specialists are extremely reliable and will often go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. All in all, if you need assistance with freight handling, you’ll be in good hands with an experienced lumper.

What is a Lumper Fee?

A lumper fee is a charge associated with freight deliveries and symbolizes the value of labor required for unloading and loading cargo. This fee is applicable when companies hire third-party labor to move cargo from one location to another and can be requested by the receiver in certain cases. The cost of a lumper fee may vary from one job to the next, depending on how much manual labor is involved in handling each shipment. Typically, this type of charge covers expenses like wages, tools, materials, and supplies necessary to safely transfer goods from point A to point B. Plus there are always lumper advances available, when needed.

How much are lumper fees?

Lumpers are a common source of labor in the freight industry, but how much do lumpers charge for their services? As it turns out, the cost of hiring a lumper is determined on an individual basis. Generally speaking, lumper fees range anywhere from $100 to $500. Lumpers will set their rates depending on the specific needs of the job. This could include anything from loading and unloading pallets to stocking shelves with products destined for different locations; each task will have a customized price that takes into account certain fees and travel costs. Plus, depending on the nature of your business you may be able to negotiate a monthly fee or discount based on volume. That said, no matter how you secure it, hiring a lumper is always worth the investment when you need extra muscle power to make sure your freight runs smoothly – especially when you can take advantage of lumper advances from OTR Solutions.

What is a Lumper receipt?

A lumper receipt is proof of payment for the lumper service. It may be in paper or digital format and will include the date, time and amount of the lumper fee, as well as what services were provided by the lumper. These receipts are crucial for keeping a record of expenses incurred, for submitting for reimbursement and for filing an insurance claim if disputing charges is ever needed.

Who pays for the lumper service?

Brokers want the drivers they hire to stay well-rested and injury free. That’s why instead of having them do extra work to unload freight that could lead to fatigue or risk injury, many of them make it a requirement within their contracts that the drivers use the lumper services.

How to pay lumper fees, you ask? That is ultimately not on you. While the driver usually is the one to pay for the service directly, it’s just an upfront payment and they are to submit the receipt to the shipper or receiver for reimbursement in the form of a lumper check.

A driver must be reimbursed if they pay for the lumper fee. In fact, there is a law out there protecting drivers from ever being responsible to cover these fees themselves. It’s title 49 of the United States Code, § 14103 and it says that the shipper or receiver is the one to be responsible for all costs associated with compensating the lumpers.

Is There a Way to Get Lumper Fee Advances? 

Freight drivers have tough jobs, but OTR Solutions is here to make their lives a little easier.  When truckers are required to pay the lumper fee upfront, sometimes they need a little help to cover these fees. That’s why we offer the ability to request up to $250 for each delivered load, allowing truck drivers to stay financially secure as they deliver across America’s roads.

Our lumper advances give truckers peace of mind so they can focus on delivering loads without having to worry about financial strain or delays in payment processing. Through our responsive approach and secure process, freight drivers can experience a smooth solution that takes away some of the burdens associated with long-haul deliveries.

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