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Choosing the Right Fuel Card for Trucking: Essential Tips for Truckers

In the trucking industry, fuel cards are not just tools for buying fuel; they are essential for managing a trucking business efficiently. With fuel costs making up a big part of operational expenses, choosing the right fuel card can greatly influence a trucker’s bottom line. Fuel cards for truck drivers offer various benefits, from significant discounts at the pump to improved expense tracking and management, helping truckers and trucking companies reduce their fuel spending considerably.


OTR Solutions understands the role that effective fuel management plays in the success of trucking operations. With our wide range of services, including the OTR Fuel Card, we aim to support truckers by providing tools that enhance operational efficiency and financial stability. Our fuel card offers real-time discounts at over 8,000 stations nationwide, ensuring that truckers can find the best fuel prices along their routes, streamline their expenses, and keep their trucks running without unnecessary financial burdens. This article will cover all the benefits of choosing OTR Solutions for your fuel card needs. 

Understanding Fuel Card Savings

Fuel cards are crucial for truckers looking to manage fuel costs well. With lane rates dropping and margins getting tighter, reducing operational expenses becomes the top priority. Here’s how fuel cards like the OTR Fuel Card make a difference:


Direct Cost Reductions

One of the largest expenses for trucking companies is fuel. By leveraging fuel cards, operations can see a reduction in fuel costs by up to $0.07 per mile. This substantial saving directly impacts the bottom line, especially when margins are thin.


Real-Time Savings

Unlike some fuel cards for truck drivers that offer post-transaction rebates, the OTR Fuel Card provides real-time discounts at the pump. This feature allows truckers to see immediate reductions in fuel costs, ensuring they can calculate their savings as they spend, which aids in better financial planning.


Monthly Impact

Considering the average savings of $0.51 to $1.75 per gallon provided by leading fuel cards, you could be saving an average of $600 per month per truck. This significant monthly saving is crucial, especially when fuel prices are volatile and on the rise.


Added Value

Beyond just fuel savings, the best fuel card programs, including OTR’s, offer bundled services such as lowered factoring rates and discounts on maintenance and tires, enhancing the overall value of the card.


By integrating a fuel card into their operations, truckers can streamline their fuel purchases through direct cost savings and additional discounts, making it a valuable tool for financial management.

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Accessibility and Network Considerations

Choosing a fuel card with a large network is important when you want plenty of fueling options nationwide. Here’s why the OTR Fuel Card is a standout choice for truckers:


Broad Network

The OTR Fuel Card is accepted at over 8,000 fuel stations across the country. This widespread acceptance ensures that you can refuel at numerous locations without worrying about card compatibility.


No Transaction Fees

Enjoy the convenience of $0 transaction fees at more than 1,500 in-network stations. This feature makes the OTR Fuel Card an economical option, reducing the extra costs associated with fuel purchases.


Enhanced Accessibility

With the OTR Fuel Card, you’re not restricted to specific brands or locations. This flexibility is vital for routes that may take you off common paths.


Fuel Finder Tool

The OTR Mobile App includes a Fuel Finder feature, which helps you locate fuel stations along your route. It displays both the cash price and the discounted price available with the OTR Fuel Card, allowing for better planning and savings on each trip.


The combination of extensive network coverage, absence of transaction fees and user-friendly digital tools like the Fuel Finder makes the OTR Fuel Card a powerful resource for managing fuel costs effectively. These features ensure that wherever you are, you can find a participating station nearby, making your journeys smoother and more predictable.

Additional Benefits of the OTR Fuel Card

The OTR Fuel Card is more than just a tool for saving on diesel; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the overall financial management of your trucking operations. Here’s how:


Bundled Services for Broader Savings

Beyond just fuel discounts, the OTR Fuel Card can be bundled with other OTR Solutions services. This integration can lead to additional savings, such as reduced factoring rates. By combining services, truckers can streamline their operations and enjoy lower costs across different aspects of their trucking business.


Maintenance and Tire Discounts

One of the standout features of the OTR Fuel Card is the access it provides to discounts on tires and preventative maintenance. These benefits are available at TA Petro locations nationwide, allowing for significant cost reductions in the upkeep of your fleet. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your vehicles but also ensures that they run efficiently and safely.


These additional benefits make the OTR Fuel Card an invaluable asset for truckers, providing a way to cut costs not only on fuel but also on essential services that affect the bottom line of their operations.

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Technology and Support: Enhance Your Fuel Management Experience

The technology and support behind the OTR Fuel Card is designed to help you manage your fuel expenses and enhance your operational efficiency.


Advanced Features of the OTR Mobile App

Fuel Finder Tool

The OTR Mobile App includes a critical feature for any trucker on the road—the Fuel Finder. This tool allows you to easily locate the best discounts along your route, displaying both the cash price and the discounted price available with the OTR Fuel Card. This functionality not only helps in planning your fuel stops more efficiently but also ensures that you’re always getting the best possible deal on fuel.


Dedicated Customer Support

Expert-Level Assistance

Having access to a knowledgeable support team can make a significant difference, especially when issues arise. OTR Solutions prides itself on providing exceptional customer service with a dedicated fuel card support team. This team is available seven days a week, with extensive hours from 8AM to 12AM EST during weekdays and 8AM to 8PM EST on weekends, ensuring that help is just a call or message away whenever you need it.

Real-Time Transaction Reports and Spending Controls

One of the key benefits of the OTR Fuel Card is its ability to provide real-time transaction reports and comprehensive spending controls. These features are invaluable for fleet managers and owner-operators alike, offering the ability to monitor and manage fuel expenses actively. Whether you’re keeping track of a single truck or a fleet of vehicles, these tools allow you to set spending limits, view detailed reports and maintain tight control over your budget.


The combination of cutting-edge technology and dedicated support makes the OTR Fuel Card a powerful ally for trucking professionals. By leveraging these resources, you can not only save on fuel costs but also improve the overall management of your trucking operations.

Empowering Your Trucking Journey with the Right Tools

OTR Solutions is committed to supporting truckers beyond just fuel savings. With a suite of services designed to address various aspects of trucking operations—from True Non-Recourse Factoring services to compliance support—OTR Solutions stands as a preferred partner for truckers aiming to streamline their operations and boost profitability.


Get a fuel card for trucking that does more than just save you money at the pump. Choose a partner that supports your entire business journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face the challenges of the road ahead.

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