OTR Solutions Logo Update

Thanks for Connecting With Us Through TrueNorth Technologies!

OTR Solutions Logo Update

Thanks for Connecting With Us Through TrueNorth Technologies!

OTR Solutions:
The Best Factoring Company

When you partner with OTR Solutions, you have exclusive access to resources and tools designed for trucking businesses of all sizes. Get paid instantly, find loads, keep your trucks fueled, manage your business on the go, and so much more when you factor with the best in the industry.

  • Unmatched Customer Service – Read Our Clients’ Reviews HERE
  • Never Waste Money on Fuel with the OTR Fuel Card
  • Instant Payment on Factored Invoices with BOLT
  • #1 Most-Rated Mobile App in the Industry

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Factor with the Highest Rated Partner in the Industry

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With one of the only True Non-Recourse Factoring Programs available and a tailor made fleet factoring program for mid to fleet sized carriers, virtually anyone can take advantage of our cutting edge services.
  • Find factorable loads and credible brokers through our integration with DAT.
  • Use BOLT Instant Payment to et paid in minutes on all factored invoices.
  • Manage your business with our industry-leading mobile app.
  • Save an average of $500 per month with the OTR Fuel Card.

Dedicated to Our Customers for the Long Haul

5 gold stars

“Transferred from another factoring company. The process was smooth and easy. Every one I spoke to was very helpful. They all kept me updated on the progress of switching over to OTR. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a factoring company.”


5 gold stars
“I love this company so much. If you want to get started in the trucking industry this is the best place to do it. Our relationships with the people here cannot not be replaced for a lower factoring percentage. Sometimes being in business means picking the best partners not the cheapest. Love Love Love Robert and Kimi.”


5 gold stars
“We’ve been using there services for almost 3 yrs now. Nothing but professional and perfect performance. I highly recommend them. Needless to say BEST FACTORING COMPANY. Shout out to Nick and his team as well as Jeremy in the fuel department.”



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  • Huge Savings

    $0 in-network transaction fees. More discounts at more locations than virtually any other card with up to $1.73 savings per gallon. Instant savings every time you fill up. Use the new in-app Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel savings while on the road.

  • Seamless Management

    Advance funds to card 7 days a week directly from your factored invoices and locate the best savings all from the OTR Solutions Mobile App.

  • Flexibility

    While other cards stop only at fuel -- with just a swipe, you have access to cash at an ATM, purchasing showers and parking, and save on maintenance, tires, and more at TA Petro. Accepted at over 8,000 stations nationwide.

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True Non-Recourse Factoring

Minimize your risk and maximize your cashflow with True Non-Resource factoring. In a non-recourse agreement, the factoring company assumes all risk – meaning the trucking company won’t take the hit if a debtor doesn’t pay. Traditional recourse factoring places all risk on the trucking company, and if a debtor doesn’t pay, a factoring company can request payment from the trucking company. 

OTR Solutions’ True Non-Resource program helps you maintain your trucking business with consistent cashflow and security.

No chargebacks. No monthly minimums. No hidden fees. No risk. 

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