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Marquee Insurance Group

Marquee Insurance Group Helps Find The Best Quote for All Carriers

What does the partnership offer?

  • Marquee Insurance Group (MIG) specializes in commercial insurance for the transportation industry. The MIG team will shop rates across several markets and providers to find the lowest possible quote.
  • MIG offers a wide range of insurance programs tailored to meet each carrier’s specific needs. The coverages include Commercial Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, General Liability, Bobtail Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Accident, and more.

Snapshot of the partnership

  • Most non-transportation insurance agents lack a heavy background in the complexities of transportation insurance, so understanding exactly what coverages you need can be overwhelming. OTR Solutions sought to make shopping for insurance less daunting for our clients. After a comprehensive search, we selected Marquee Insurance Group as our insurance partner based on their track record of innovation, relationships with over 50 insurance providers and markets, and first-rate service.
  • MIG is known for its expertise in helping clients navigate the ever-changing insurance and trucking landscape. At OTR Solutions, we always recommend MIG to truckers seeking flexible, affordable insurance plans that put them on the path to success.

Key benefits of the partnership

  • In the transportation industry, smart insurance decisions are essential for long-term business success. MIG’s team of agents and specialists focus on creating a customized coverage plan specific to each trucking company’s business needs. 
  • MIG helps trucking firms balance their insurance costs with risk mitigation, safety, and loss prevention techniques. MIG works with owner-operators and large carriers alike.

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