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Land Line

Land Line

OTR Solutions partners with Land Line to help truckers succeed.

What does the partnership offer?

Land Line is a media company that describes itself as “the go-to news resource for all professional truckers who want to know how the news will affect them.”

Snapshot of the partnership

  • Land Line Magazine is the business magazine for professional truckers and the official publication of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.
  • Like OTR Solutions, Land Line strives to educate truckers on topics and issues they need to be successful. News, podcast topics and interviews, and feature articles keep professional truckers updated on legislation, industry activities, and trends.

Key benefits of the partnership

  • Land Line is staffed with professional journalists who have been covering the trucking industry for years. They take pride in delivering insights on topics that truckers really care about.
  • At, anyone can register for unlimited free access to Landline’s podcasts and digital or print editions of the monthly magazine.
  • Land Line Magazine’s content is designed for easy viewing on mobile phones.
  • The website offers customized daily content feeds.

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