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Choosing The Best Fuel Card For Your Trucking Company

For trucking companies and owner-operators, fuel is a major business expense. On average, fuel can take up nearly 39% of a truck’s operating costs each year. This can average out to around $70,000 annually per truck. Such high expenses mean that saving on fuel needs to be considered at all times.


OTR Solutions understands the unique needs of the trucking industry. Our fuel card option is a program that is designed to support you in your business, providing discounts and a wide network of fueling options nationwide. By choosing OTR Solutions, you’re not just getting a fuel card for trucking; you’re gaining a strategic partner in your journey to a more successful trucking business. Read on to find out why ours is considered one of the best fuel cards for trucking companies.

Understanding Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are specialized payment cards for truckers to buy diesel. Truck drivers can use them at various fuel stations nationwide, replacing the need for cash or reimbursement processes.


Fuel cards for truck drivers are tailored for the trucking industry. They help in tracking fuel usage, controlling driver expenses, and offering detailed spending reports. They also provide discounts at numerous fuel stations. For example, OTR Solutions’ fuel card is accepted at over 8,000 stations nationwide, offering convenience for truckers driving different routes. Choose The Best Fuel Card for Your Trucking Needs


Find the right balance between savings and convenience with OTR Solutions. The OTR  Fuel Card helps companies save an average of $600 every month per truck but the best fuel card for truckers offers more than just savings at the pump. It’s about having a wide network of fueling stations and additional benefits that align with the needs of truckers. 

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OTR Fuel Card: Additional Benefits Beyond Savings

So, which fuel card is best for truck drivers? OTR Fuel Card holders enjoy numerous benefits:


Nationwide Access

With nationwide access to over 8,000 fuel locations, drivers can minimize their fuel costs and optimize their routes with the OTR Fuel Card.  The user experience is streamlined, from loading the card to tracking expenses, making it a no-brainer to swipe your fuel card at each fill-up. 


Mobile App Fuel Finder

The OTR Mobile App includes a Fuel Finder feature that simplifies locating in-network fuel stations along your route. It displays current fuel prices and available discounts, making it easier for truckers to plan stops for the best fuel deals. This tool is invaluable for optimizing routes and reducing fuel costs.


Discounts on Tires and Preventative Maintenance at TA Petro

Take advantage of significant discounts on tires and preventative maintenance exclusively at TA Petro locations across the country. This benefit is especially valuable for maintaining vehicle health and safety, reducing long-term repair costs, and keeping your fleet in top condition without breaking the bank.


Spending Management and Reporting

The OTR Fuel Card facilitates spending management and detailed reporting capabilities, perfect for managing multiple drivers and cards efficiently. This feature aids in monitoring fuel expenses, setting limits, and ensuring all transactions align with your budgetary guidelines, enhancing overall financial control.


Fuel Advances 

Our fuel card for trucking includes instant funding and easy-to-access fuel advances. This means truck drivers and companies can save both time and money, no longer waiting for lengthy processing times. These advances ensure that fuel is always accessible, even when cash flow is tight, making life on the road smoother and more predictable.


24/7 Transaction Reports

Make tracking and managing fuel expenses easy with reports anytime. This feature is beneficial for IFTA reporting and can be accessed right within the OTR Client Portal. Individual spending limits can be set, offering trucking companies more control over their budgets and expenses.



The OTR Fuel Card offers anti-fraud features, securing transactions and protecting truckers from unauthorized spending and fraud. This enhanced security gives truckers peace of mind, knowing their financial transactions are safe and closely monitored.


True Non-Recourse Factoring Services

Need cash fast for your trucking business? OTR Solutions offers true Non-Recourse Freight Factoring. This means we give you cash for your invoices quickly. And if your customer can’t pay, don’t worry – you’re covered. This service works well with our fuel card, making sure you always have money for fuel and other needs. It’s a simple, secure way to keep your business running smoothly.

Why Choose OTR Solutions?

OTR Solutions offers a fuel card option that saves money and simplifies your operations. Our commitment to integrated trucking solutions, from fuel cards to factoring services, positions us as a leader in the industry. The right fuel card for truck drivers makes it easier to run a trucking business, and OTR Solutions is here to provide just that.  

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